About Us

What We Do

The IMPROV Show is a collaboration of the arts on ONE Stage.  Performing artists from all disciplines gather together in teams and create IMPROV based on themes for that specific event.

Why The IMPROV Show

We engage in the artistic expression of what is happening around us with the objective of bringing awareness to community issues and hope for solutions. By using the arts to bring awareness to a need or issue, we are then in a position to demonstrate how love, hope and unity can resolve and bring healing to a situation. Whether for the homeless, the hungry, the hurting or oppressed, the end goal is the same. However, this goes beyond these outward needs of people to touching those who are materialistically wealthy, but their soul is seeking for healing as well.

Who We Work With

For each Show that we produce, we team up with a cause that is fully engaged in making a difference. We then bring in The IMPROV Show to help that difference be even more persuasive and effective in reaching the masses.

We do this through live theater and live streaming the show online throughout the country or a specific demographic.

If you have a cause that you believe can benefit from The IMPROV Show, tell us more by filling out a brief form HERE.